The Story of Roots

I don't think we have ever taken the time to tell our story. The story of how Roots began. So here we go....

Millie was fresh off of starting her own business making earrings for her CEO class. (if you have never heard of the Morgan-Scott CEO Program, you need to check them out!) I liked to call myself her "Chief Innovation Officer," helping her come up and design new styles and products. She didn't love my self-proclaimed title, but hey, she appreciated the help! 

Fast forward to July, we were at Angus Junior Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Millie told me she had an idea. We had been buying some stamped jewelry from a couple other places, & loved it! So we thought, why don't we do this ourselves? Millie loved having her own creative outlet from her earring business & I had been yearning to spark my entrepreneurial drive since I graduated college, so we started planning!

It felt like we researched from months. Where do we buy our metal from? What are reputable vendors? How the heck do we set up an actual business? And we still didn't even have a name. We researched and researched and researched, figuring out where to order metal blanks, the right stamps we loved, and how bend rings, bracelets, and everything in between. 

Then came figuring out our name. One day I was brainstorming with my team at the bank what to call our business. My coworker, Jill, asked me where our favorite place was. I told her the pasture next to my parent's house, where there are always black and white faced cattle roaming around. She then asked me how I felt when I was there. I responded, "I feel proud. These are my roots and the foundation I grew up on. It's everything we have worked for."


That word gave us both chills. I immediately called Millie and she was sold. So Roots was born!

To us, Roots is so much more than a piece of jewelry. It's about being proud of where you came from. It's about wearing something that represents the dreams you are chasing and your humble, small town beginnings. When you wear your roots, you are telling your story.

We can't thank you all enough for being in our corner and supporting our dreams. We love you all so much!



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